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Welcome To The Internet Home of Caridee

Deana Micheletti of Caridee Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the Website of Caridee English Cockers. I would like to introduce myself and tell you a little about my English Cockers. I haven't done a whole lot of breeding but have owned one or more English Cockers since 1976. All the dogs that I bred have the Caridee prefix on their names. I came up with this "kennel" name from a combination of "firsts". The "Ca" is for my first English Cocker and first Champion whose registered name was Carachelle Calypso we called her "Lucy". The "ri" is for the first two letters of my husband's first name, "Rick". And the "de" is for the first two letters of my own name with an added "e" to facilitate pronunciation.

My husband and I have owned purebred dogs all of our married life, for 45 years now. Our wedding present to each other was an Irish Setter. And while my husband loves the dogs, lovingly supports my interests and endeavors with them and even used to show the Irish Setters we owned back in the early 1970's the dogs are really my passion.

You'll probably see from the following pages just why I love this breed so much. They are a nice sized dog that to me is beautiful but they also have such a cute personality. It is truly a "fun" breed to own, love and live with.

I hope you enjoy your visit and come back often as we will strive to keep it current and interesting.

Thank you,

Deana Micheletti


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